Sydney Harbor

Welcome to my Micro f/8. As you probably guessed it, I’m a Micro Four Thirds enthusiast and this blog is about my experience shooting with Micro Four Thirds camera systems and glass like the Olympus Pen E-P3 or the new Olympus OM-D E-M5. I don’t own the OM-D just yet, but I’m hoping to get one in my hands very soon. I also think f/8 is an underrated aperture so I’m doing my part to promote it. Now you know why this blog is called Micro f/8.

Michael Hansen Self Portrait

Self portrait taken with iPhone while trapped in a small elevator in Madrid.

My name is Michael Hansen and I’m not a professional photographer. I get paid from time to time to take photos, but I’m actually a graphic designer by day. I design print materials and web sites. I also design interactive magazines and catalogs for iPad and Android. So, when I’m not designing this or that for my clients, I like to travel around the world, hike desert and mountain trails, and make photos of places I visit. You read that right, I like to “make” photos. Anybody can take a photo, but making a photo takes care and deliberation.

I’m also a tech geek and a Mac fanboy. I love gadgets of all sorts (not just Apple stuff). Nothing makes me happier than giving me a new toy to play with, whether it’s a GPS unit like the Garmin Oregon 550T (one of my favorite gadgets) or a eReader. I love them all. I use a MacBook Pro running both Aperture and Lightroom to process all my photos. I enjoy both Aperture and Lightroom so you won’t hear me bashing either one. If you know of some interesting tech out there, particularly tech related to photographer, drop me a line!


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